A few additions to my TBR pile

In the throes of a finished-a-compelling-book hangover (May We Be Forgiven by AM Homes – review coming soon), today I embarked on what was bizarrely my first trip to Books for America – a great second hand bookshop a mere 15 minute stroll from my front door. It felt like being back in the charity shops of the Glasgow of my early twenties where I would stroll around piling book after book onto the counter – and then stagger home, laden with random selections and bookish anticipation. I was restrained today due to two men talking loudly and incessantly at the fiction section distracting me from my hunt, but I still managed this pleasing, rather coming-of-age-themed haul. Which should I read first?


I’m feeling intimidated by my TBR pile right now… In addition to my usual pile of recommendations and random things that tempt me, not to mention these new additions, my trip to the National Book Festival last weekend made me feel I’d better read The Twelve Tribes of Hattie (the author was cheery and nice and several people announced it’s the best book they’ve ever read), so it is gazing expectantly at me right now…

And then there is the Atwood conundrum. I adore many of Margaret Atwood’s books (particularly A Handmaid’s Tale), but what to do about MaddAddam, the latest in her trilogy? I eagerly picked up Oryx and Crake as soon as it was published and promptly committed the social faux pas of hating it. Despite it having all the features of a book I’d like! By the time Year of the Flood appeared, I’d forgotten the details of the Oryx and Crake world, and, well, hated the sequel too. Just a bit. I was going to avoid MaddAddam altogether but Margaret Atwood spoke about it so temptingly and wittily at the festival (and others write such rave reviews about it) that I can’t resist. To give it a fighting chance, I think I’d better read the whole trilogy. Brace yourselves, dear readers: will I be captivated second time around and smile patronizingly upon my younger self who foolishly failed to appreciate it? Or will I shout ‘ha!’, and feel justified in my initial judgment? We shall see… But first, Hattie.


One thought on “A few additions to my TBR pile

  1. beckylindroos

    I really did enjoy Oryx and Crake. I really did think The Year of the Flood was stupid. And I really think that MaddAddam brought them together. The Blind Assassin will always be my favorite by Atwood but as a series these come out okay on my rankings.



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