A Cure for Dreams by Kaye Gibbons

One sentence plot

Three generations of Southern women live their small and poignant lives in a small town.


The review

I read A Cure for Dreams only about a week ago and yet when I came to write this review, I realized I couldn’t remember a thing about it! Which is in itself a rather damning review… And yet I rather liked A Cure for Dreams. The fact is, it’s not about plot. It’s more about evoking this small Southern town, and what it’s like for the women who live there. The character studies are compelling and beautifully drawn, the prose is lovely, the atmosphere immersive, and yet not very much happens (and yet in the lives of these women, the small happenings are momentous). I cared a lot about these characters. While I preferred Ellen Foster by the same author, a much meatier tome than this charming little piece, if you like character-driven coming of age ensemble pieces, this little book may well charm you.

The verdict: 3/5 shoes


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