My 2014 book challenge(s)

Happy new year! And with new year comes a new book challenge, of course. I jealously watched my lovely wife devouring 100 books last year, and I wanted in on the fun, to stop missing out on books she raved about, and to do that I must double my reading rate. Yikes.

I also realized I’ve really enjoyed some speculative fiction and sci fi, but have hitherto assumed sci fi is something that is not for me. I’m going to kick through the mental barrier and read some classic sci fi this year.

Finally, I’m conscious that people rave about various non-fiction titles which I never get around to reading. I then feel frustrated at missing the zeitgeist (and not being able to make clever comments at dinner parties). So my 2014 three-part uber-reading challenge awaits:

– Read 100 books

– Of which at least 10 are non-fiction (proper non-fiction literature, not how-to manuals, textbooks, or anything like that!)

– Of which at least 10 are classic sci fi

Here is my bedside table TBR pile awaiting me:


Ladies and gentlemen, let the reading commence!


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